The importance of road transport in the Canary Islands, more specifically in our island of La Palma, with its geographical reality, is indisputable.

From the Transport Service of the Island Council of La Palma we are responsible for its good management, within the legally established framework, for a better satisfaction of the needs and interests of the citizens and companies that use them and, sometimes, depend on it.

The vast majority of economic activity on the island of La Palma, such as construction, agriculture, commerce or tourism, as well as the movement of people for work, leisure, educational reasons and a long etcetera, are activities that depend on road transport.

The companies that own vehicles with authorizations for the transport of goods or travelers, both public and private services, as well as all users of the regular passenger transport service, require and demand an agile and efficient management by the Cabildo de La Palma in terms of land transport, for which the implementation of new technologies is essential.

From this page we want to be even closer to citizens to help each other in providing a better service.