The Island Council of La Palma exercises the competences that, in matters of Land Management , are attributed to it by current legislation, specifically those established in Law 4/2017, of July 13, on Soil and Protected Natural Areas of the Canary Islands.

It corresponds to Territorial Planning, within the scope of its powers, to provide the following services:

  • The management of island natural resources and the planning of protected natural areas and the Natura 2000 Network in the terms of basic state and regional legislation.
  • Spatial planning and planning in the insular area.
  • The planning of island infrastructures and the use of basic resources in the island territory, within the framework of what is established in the regional urban planning legislation, in the basic legislation of the local regime and in the applicable sectorial legislation.
  • Cooperation with the island's city councils in the exercise of their own urban-planning powers, including, where appropriate, management assignments for the drafting of the planning of other administrations.
  • The subrogation in municipal planning powers in the cases and with the guarantees established in the legislation.
  • Technical assistance, information, advice, studies, preparation of regulations, training and technological support.
  • The study and report of the adaptation to the instruments of insular territorial planning of urban and territorial planning that are processed by other Public Administrations.
  • The processing of Singular Tourism Planning Instruments.
  • The processing of Projects of Insular Interest.
  • The processing of files of Declaration of uses and acts of Public or Social Interest in Rustic Land.
  • Management of the Geographic Information System of the Island Council of La Palma.