Innovation and New Technologies

The diversification of the economy is one of the main medium and long-term challenges facing La Palma.

Hence, the Innovation and New Technologies Area works every day to enhance the role of the knowledge society in the island's economic model and encourage innovation and technology to contribute to greater island competitiveness and job creation. skilled workers. In short, we are working to advance a smart island model.

Achieving an increasingly transparent and digitized administration, close to citizens, is another of the priorities of the Cabildo de la Palma.

La Palma has a great advantage on this path towards economic diversification through the knowledge society: its natural conditions make it the ideal territory to become an outdoor laboratory for the implementation of relevant projects in innovation and new technologies.

On this page, you can consult the projects in which we are working, in addition to all the information of interest relative to the area.

  • Services

    Innovation, projects and Information Society Service:

    General functions:

    • Participate in the process of digital transformation of the Cabildo Insular de La Palma
    • Innovation and technological development, of the corporation and of the palm company.
    • Project "La Palma Smart Island"
    • OpenData La Palma and corporate Geographic Information System
    • Corporate telecommunications

    Citizen services:

    • Information, dissemination and training for citizens in innovation and new technologies.
    • Information, dissemination and training for entrepreneurs and companies in innovation and digital transformation processes.
    • Monitoring and promoting the deployment of advanced telecommunications networks and services, dialogue with operators.
    • Guarantee the accessibility and usability of the information systems by the citizen sectors with the greatest difficulties.

    Internal services:

    • Coordination and technological prescription in matters of information and communications systems of the Cabildo, its Organizations and Companies.
    • Preparation of projects and specifications for technological services or products for the implementation of new technologies.
    • Planning and implementation of new voice and data services in new facilities
    • Development, management and control of the Cabildo's own Broadcasting services
    • Development, management, control and maintenance of telecommunications services and networks

    New technologies service:


    • Microinformatics
    • Electronic administration
    • Systems (CPD)
  • Electronic Headquarters
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