Strategic Plan for Citizen Participation

What does it consist of

citizen participation logoThe  Citizen Participation Area of  the Island Council of La Palma works on the definition of the Strategic Plan for Citizen Participation. To this end, various work meetings have been held with the participation commission of the council plenary session, with the council service chiefs and with the councilors and municipal technicians on this matter.

In this phase, the document is made public, highlighting the importance of contrasting and reviewing the contents of the Plan with all the citizens of the island, with the aim that it responds to a shared vision and allows establishing a roadmap with which to advance in the achievement of an Open Government for La Palma.

The  citizen participation is a right and an opportunity  to improve efficiency in the management of public affairs. The Cabildo proposal is based on two well-defined structures:

  • the creation of a common framework for action structured around the  Strategic Plan for Citizen Participation , as a base document
  • the creation of the  Insular Participation Table , as a participation and coordination body, where technical and political leaders of the Cabildo and the 14 city councils of the island would be present.

All this, with the aim of advancing the  active participation  of citizens in decision-making processes and in the management of public affairs in the localities.

What is citizen participation for?

  •  BETTER DEMOCRACY : gives greater possibilities to get involved in public affairs.
  •  BETTER GOVERNANCE : services improved with the ideas and vigilance of their recipients.
  •  CLOSER ADMINISTRATION : opens more fluid communication channels between the Administration and the administered ones.
  •  PARTICIPATORY CULTURE : those who work in the Cabildo learn to work in contact with the citizens.
  •  EMPOWERMENT : the people who participate acquire knowledge and skills useful for their life

What role does the Cabildo have regarding citizen participation?  The Cabildo de La Palma has some peculiarities:

  •  A double loyalty : towards the citizenship and towards the island's municipalities.
  •  A varied territory : rural and urban, with a determining orography.
  •  The opportunity to coordinate : the Cabildo provides fewer direct services than a City Council, while having a coordinating role over the whole

What novelties does this participation model bring?  A 21st century participation model adds these elements:

  • Use of the  internet as a channel  that opens up many possibilities to participate.
  •  Mixed model : face-to-face participation is complemented by online channels.
  •  Individual participation , as a possibility added to collective participation.
  • Ubiquity: the possibility of  participating from any location , at any time.
  •  Redesign of participation bodies , to modernize existing participatory structures.

Who can participate?  ALL AND ALL Channels of universal participation are opened. On the other hand, the Cabildo will actively address groups with an interest in each specific participatory process. Organized civil society, associations and other groups have a fundamental role.

Call for the Strategic Plan for Citizen Participation

Citizen Participation Platform