Garafía experimental farm

As its main activity, La Granja is dedicated to the multiplication of copies of the livestock breeds present on La Palma that are in danger of extinction: Vaca Palmera (as a sample), and Canarian Black Pig and Palmera Sheep for transfer to new farmers, In addition, there is a small batch of black and wild hens.

The 110,000 m² Finca, where the Farm facilities are located, the farmland dedicated in part to the sowing of fodder for livestock and the planting of traditional varieties of fruit trees.

The manure (solid waste) from the Farm is used to make compost, which is subsequently incorporated for the fertilizer of the farm itself, closing the cycle and making the Farm sustainable.

The slurry (liquid waste) is dumped into a series of tanks (macrophyte purification plant) with floating plants highly effective in treating wastewater, without energy consumption or production of bad odors, which is finally pumped for irrigation.


  • Calle Los Guanches, s / n. Juan Adalid, 38787 Villa de Garafía (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) see map
  • 600971401 - Ana Novo
  • 607339333 - Omar Pérez


  • 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. In the case of wanting to visit the facilities, specify a visit to the aforementioned telephones, the veterinary and the foreman of the same.